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    Calculated dimension with count and Set expressions

      Hi there,


      I've a table like this:


      id,user, type, status

      1, luis, 2, D

      2, john, 3, D

      3, jose, 4, S

      4, luis, 4, S


      I' need to rank this table with a calculated dimension, that is I need to get the top 2 users whith type = {2, 3} and status = 'D'


      I create a calculated dimension like this;:

      =IF(Aggr(rank(Count({<type={2,3}, status= {D}>} id)),user)<=2, user)


      but it doesn' seem to work. The first part, type={2,3} works all right, but the second part whith the field status doesn't. What am I doing wrong?