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    I don't know how to update value into the table from another table.

    Natthapol K

      Could anyone help me to figure out how to update a value into the table from another table?


      As far as I knew, the way I can update is to enable Dynamic Data Update feature in the desktop. So, I already tried on my document. I didn't work on my doc. However, I found some an example file from this excellent QV discussion forum here. It worked on it.  I don't know the reason why the document I created did NOT update anyway.


      Below is the example update script I ran. 


      UPDATE List60, tbStatus SET List60.Inc_Dec_Flag = tbStatus.CIFStatusLatest

      WHERE List60.Cif = tbStatus.Cif;


      According to the attached pic below, I wanna replace Inc_Dec_Flag field with CIFStatusLatest field.


      10-02-2017 17-21-03 PM.png