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    QlikView and Dynamics NAV


      I hope to reply me an experienced person about using QV to read Dynamics NAV data.

      I know that the NAV tables have a parent-child hierarchy. Will I use the hierarchy statement many times to create some reports?

      Any helps to me, please? Thanks

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          Anita Fuchten

          You mean Microsoft Navision??

          We read the needed tables one by one and save them in a seperate QVD.
          The relations are made in the QV documents as needed (doesn't have to be the same as used in NAV).

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              Yes, I mean Navision.

              Ok, but it could be necessary to maintain the parent-child relation.


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                  Anita Fuchten

                  You need to make new relationships when loading the data into a Qlikview report.

                  In the QVD's the data is only stored for further usage ...


                  Each Qlikview report has it's own cloud of data, and it is not always necessary to maintain the complete Navision child-parent structure, since you don't always have to have all data between ...

                  Sometimes you need to let go the ' original ' way of thinking in database relationships!! Qlikview also can't handle all types of relations a normal database can handle (think of circular references etc).

                • QlikView and Dynamics NAV

                  Hello Anita,


                  can you please tell me how you connect to Navision? Can you also tell me how you extract the data from Navision?


                  Many thanks!

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                      Claudius Malue

                      Hi all,


                      there is another NAV Connector "NAV2QLIK" for QlikView from QlikView Solution Provider prisma informatik GmbH located in Germany.


                      "The preparation and connection of ERP data from Microsoft
                      Dynamics NAV into QlikView usually means a tedious and time consuming task to
                      end users.



                      To simplify this process and to reduce the preparatory work
                      to a minimum, prisma informatik has developed the NAV2Qlik Toolbox. On the part
                      of users, neither profound QlikView knowledge nor elaborate support by the
                      internal IT department is necessary during the ETL process.  The NAV2Qlik Toolbox comes with the  N2Q Script Generator, which generates the
                      required QlikView Scripts for data modeling automatically. Further components
                      are the N2Q Grouping Function and the N2Q Templates, which provide various options
                      for interface design in QlikView.



                      Especially the customizations within their ERP data are
                      particularly valuable for users of BI software. For this reason and unlike
                      other connector solutions, NAV2Qlik delivers no pre-built script, but can
                      generate the QlikView data model automatically direct from the specific NAV environment.
                      That way, NAV2Qlik enables the transfer of any
                      custom-built extensions and modifications within  Microsoft Dynamics NAV - no matter how
                      individualized the database is. A separate number range without modifying
                      standard objects allows a conflict-free integration into the ERP environment."