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    handling nulls

    Joanna Seldon



      loading in two SQL tables



      Table 1 - Survey - Names the surveys the customer has completed

      Table 2 - Main - Main Customer Table


      when I load in these two sql tables, some CustomerID wont have completed a survey, and survey name appears as null - as expected



      I have working Count(if([SurveyName]=0,[SurveyName])) on a table chart. , this limits the CustomerIDs that have not completed a survey


      However I want to be able to count how many CustomerID, that have a Survey Name as null in a KPI


      with something like


      Count(if([SurveyName]=0,[SurveyName])) CustomerID)


      but it does not work


      I have tried too replace the nulls so they are selectable with no joy


      SET NullValue = 'No Survey'


      NullAsValue "SurveyName"


      please help