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    Select field based on maxdate

    Steve Free

      Thanks in advance for any replies!

      Using =max(Date), we get the latest date from a table we have joined to

      That works great

      However, we also need to display in the next field, the associated value for that record, based on =max(Date)

      Example data:
      Main Table - Ref 123456

      Linked table:
      Ref 123456 - 21/03/2011 - red
      Ref 123456 - 25/03/2011 - blue
      Ref 123456 - 29/03/2011 - green (THEREFORE =max(Date))

      In the above example we would like to pull 29/03/2011 for =max(Date), and 'green' based on =max(Date) of 29/03/2011