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    Make selections with variables

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I'm using a slider from the Variable extension to show only product with a price within a range by varying the value of a variable. I'd like to have possible selections adapting as I change the value variable.


      In another way: every product has a price and I have a chart that shows the number of products vs their prices. I'm using a variable to set the range of the prices and I'd like to filter only on the products that have a prices within that range.


      I don't know if I explained myself, I mean that I'd like the variable to change the possible selections when I change its value by the slider.


      Thanks a lot for your attention


      Best regards


      Nicolò Cogno

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          Andy Weir

          Surely they are the products in your products filter list in white the selected in green and the grey not selectable.


          Doesnt the associative data model do it for you anyway?

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              Nicolò Cogno

              I think I'm not doing things in the right way. I've got a filter that contains the product names.

              In my chart I've got #products vs price of the products. I've got a slider that changes the value of a variable and the values at the beginning and at the end of the x axis vary when I change the value of the variable. What I mean is that the change of the value of the variable doesn't change the possible product names that I can select in the product names filter, these are always the same.

              How should I set my variable in order to make filter selectable values change when I change the x axis range delimeter values?


              Thanks a lot in advance!

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              Nicolò Cogno

              Could someone attach an example of how to make selections when changing the value of a variable?


              Thanks a lot!!!