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    Matching Missing Field Values

    Salamon Musayev




      I have two field in the data load editor.   One field has the name of employees and the other has there respective title.


      There are few employees who are missing titles. 


      I wanted to know if there is a way I can match or fill in their title in the data load editor.


      For example.


      EmployeeName                     EmployeeTitle

      Name1                                   RN

      Name2                                   Physician


      Name4                                   LPN


      Name6                                   Janitor


      I know that Name3 is an RN and Name 5 is a Janitor.  Is there a way I can match them to their respective titles.

      I could do an if statement like the following


        if( EmployeeName   = 'Name3' , 'RN', EmployeeTitle) as "EmployeeTitle,


      I wanted to know if there is a more effecient way of doing, maybe like mapping or something.  I have several users with that issue and I would rather not right if statements as I am afraid it may impact performance.


      Please help.



      Thank you in advance.