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    nPrinting large data (More than 65535) - Row height 0

    Settu Periyasasamy

      Hi All,


      When we pull the large data (More than 65535) into nPrinting format as Excel,

      the data is exported (with Keep Source Format). But after the Row 65535,  row size is 0 (rows are not hidden)

      We need to Manually increase the size in the excel

      Tried the template as 'xls', 'xlsx' and 'xlsm'. But the data is not properly worked


      Anyone have a look and give your input.

      Attached the Image


      Nprinting Designer Version :  16.4.0

      Qlikview Version :  11.2 SR12


      Note:  Without Keep Source format is working fine




      Need to adjust manually inside the excel with "Auto Row Height" Option