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    if vs set analysis different results

    Gianluca Campo

      Hi all,


      I have a different result using set analysis (with intersection) and if functions.

      When i select a field used in set analisys with intersection : all formulas that test the value i selected are correct, formulas with the other possible value (expected 0 because of interesection) no.

      For example (see the attachment):


      LOAD * INLINE [

          %k_customer, flag, aggr

          1, s, s

          2, s, s

          2, n, n




      LOAD * INLINE [

          %k_customer,name, cnt

          1, one,1

          2, two,1



      when i select flag =n

      sum({$*<flag={'s'}>}cnt)    = 0

      sum(if(flag='s',cnt))          = 1


      I was expecting 0 because of intersection in setanlaysis. I saw this happen because the value to sum is in another table and the key has both values (s and n)

      what's wrong? Do i have to replace all formula with if instead of set analysis ? or create another field with the same value just for selection?


      thanks all