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    Mashup will not render

      Hello Community,


      I am trying to develop a Qliksense mashup with AngularJS and am able to retrieve the object and all of its information correctly (ss of result of app.getobject() attached).


      The object from the get does have a qHyperCube property which appears to be populated, however, at some point when the object is trying to render on the webpage, I run into the follow error:

      TypeError: Cannot read property 'qHyperCube' of undefined

      I've also tried app.createVisualization to create a new simple object on the spot as well as several other objects in my application, however, these all run into the same issue.


      This application is hosted on an external server.

      The scripts being used are the various angular scripts I have (angular-material, angular-messages, angular-ui-router, etc), https://server_name/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js, and app.js.


      Also attaching a SS of what the issue looks like.


      Has anyone run into this issue before or have suggestions on how to resolve it?


      Thank you,