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    Line Chart Adjustment

    Daniel Berkes

      Hi all,


      I would like to ask the following, when I made a line chart under the chart a navigation a panel appeared what I wanted to hide since I can see the whole range of data, so scrolling is not needed I checked every setting but haven't find where I can turn it off, although I saw a CRM demo application where there was a line chart without this mini chart in the button



      CRM app.:


      picture attached.



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I'm not sure it's possible with a line chart that has a dimension with interval values like dates. You can try using a combi-chart instead and use a Line representation for the measure. The combi-chart doesn't support areas like the Line chart object alas.

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              Daniel Berkes

              Hi Gybert,


              but how they were able to hide this in the CRM demo app, could you check the attached pic. it is line chart without this little (useless) 2nd chart.




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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  No idea. I can see the result, but not how it was created. Perhaps the field used as dimension is not a date field and the chart is wide enough to show all the dimension values. Or they're using a calculated dimension. Perhaps they used an extension. I have no idea. If you really want to know ask Qlik by creating a support request on the support site.

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                    Bill Markham

                    Looks like the responsive design bar chart shows what you call the little (useless) 2nd chart when it does not have enough space to show all the dimensional data points.


                    If under Appearance you set the X & Y axis Labels and title to None then the chart bit has more space..Does it then behave more like what you would prefer?


                    If I fiddle with the original viz object and window sizes then I can make the original line chart have what you call the little (useless) 2nd chart appear.  For this 2nd chart you can with the mouse use it to scroll the 1st chart left and right to see the data that does not fit in - this can be very useful in some scenarios.


                    ps. It is not an extension, but an Out of the Box Line Chart.