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    Sheet object level security

    Gyorgy Olah


      I'm trying to implement a sheet level security where users only with a specific custom property have access to a specific sheet in an application. The idea is that I create a custom security rule for the resource.type 'App.Object' and set a condition if the resource.objecttype = 'sheet' to check the user custom property and the sheet name. (just like I found it in this thread Sheet level Section Access in Qlik Sense ??


      It works perfect for the given application but in case of other applications this security check is not relevant. Which means that in this new custom rule I would like to add an additional condition to check the app name and run this condition check only for the given app.


      I found in the documentation that I can reference the app by the 'app.name' attribute but it does not work.


      Does anybody know how to check the application name in the security rule if the resource.type = 'App.Object'?

      (in this case you can not use the 'resource.name' attribute because it references the sheet name and not the app name)


      thanks a lot