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    Qlik Sense Cloud and Mashup

    Shivanand Kamath

      Hi Everyone,


      Is it possible to use Qlik Sense Cloud as Host and use to build mashup? Instead of using the on-premise Qlik Sense server, we want to explore using the Qlik Sense Cloud.


      Thank you,



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          Bill Markham

          You can embed a visualization from a qvf app hosted in the Qlik Sense Cloud into another web site as an iFrame, but it is not interactive.  I think that is about as far you can currently go.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi SK,


            In short - no - you cannot technically build an interactive Mashup with Qlik Sense Cloud...yet. We are looking at enabling APIs to do such a thing, but this in preliminary discussion.


            Building on what Bill mentioned - Qlik Sense Charts - allows you to create a URL of a chart object freely and embed it in a iframe, web-page - etc. - but there isn't any interactive capability - or wired chart capability.


            Here is a quick video on the topic:



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