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    Qlikview + Google maps, problems with marker



      I have implemented a nice google map in my qlikview application, showing the locations of customers.

      Putting a marker on city's with customers in, getting bigger with the amount of customers.
      But my coordinates are also ordened in provinces, and if i open a province with no customers in, the application puts a marker (dot) on all the city's (highest is 0). Blanking out the whole map with dots.

      Is there any way to not put dot's when there are no customers in that area?

      (I used the sample application)

      longtitude: =avg( round (256*pow(2,($(var_zoom)-1)))+( longitude *((256*pow(2,$(var_zoom)))/360)) )
      longtitude BGC= =argb(1000,round(250*count(ClientID)/max(total count(ClientID))),0,0)
      latitude = =argb(1000,round(250*count(ClientID)/max(total count(ClientID))),0,0)