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      Hello together,


      if I create a new PDF file in Qlik Sense I get the following result.

      Now I have two questions.

      1. I set 3 filters and in the PDF I can't see them. How I can obviously them in the PDF?

      2. I marked with red unter my Line diagramme the empty space. If I create the diagrammes in Qlik I have no more space in the view, but  in the PDF it's look like more place for diagrammes. How I can use the empty space?




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          Andy Weir

          Are you outputting the report from a story?


          If you want to include the filtered perhaps add text objects to your Qlik App that display them and then include in your story.


          For published reports on filters and schedule you might want to look at NPrinting.






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              yes the report is outputting from a story

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                  Andy Weir

                  Are you bringing a whole sheet into the story or individual snapshots of report objects.  If you bring in individual snapshots of objects you have more control of their placement and layout.


                  Bare in mind the Qlik App is a responsive platform and the layout reflects this.  pdf is obviously fixed width and so you need to take that into account when setting out your story sheets.

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                      It's a whole sheet not an individual snapshot. I need a whole sheet for a prasentation, not an individual snapshot.

                      Your help with the text object wasn't successful.

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                          Andy Weir

                          ok so as I say if you want more control over your presentation layout you will need to do more than just copy the whole sheet in.


                          You will need to layout the invidual objects to make it look better in PDF format.


                          Perhaps instead of a text object you have a table with one column or filter box to show your filtered values.