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    Stacked Bar Charts

    Gerhard Laubscher



      I am having trouble with something that should be easy.

      I have a two fields named "Value of Purchases in Cycle" and "Value of Payments in Cycle". I need their totals.

      Each account belongs to a certain company, the field is called "Product Name".

      I want a very simple bar chart showing total purchases Vs. Total Payments, so 2 bars only - but I want each bar to be stacked by product, i.e. a different color for each different company.

      So my vertical axis must show the values (sum of purchases/payments) and then there must be two bars, one for total purchases, one for total payments, but stacked by product.

      Why am I finding this impossible? I can only get the to stack the purchases and payments on top of each other, with the different payments next to each other!

        • Stacked Bar Charts

          Can you post a simple example .qvw as that should be possible to achieve.

          All the best,

          Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

            • Stacked Bar Charts
              Gerhard Laubscher

              Hi Matt,


              I've attached an example with the three relative fields. I would like a chart as the one I have added in the file, but instead of having the different products as dimensions and the purchases and payments as the two different colors, I want only two bars - total purchases and total payments. Then I want each bar stacked with different colors for each product.

              I want to do this in the file itself (with some sort of calculated dimension or expression - I DO NOT want to crosstable or edit my data in any way.

              Thank you,


            • Stacked Bar Charts

              It seems that 'dual stacked' charts aren't possible - as soon as you add the second expression the whol thing comes tumbling down.

              This is as close as I can get:

              This is created using 2 charts overlayed using 'persistent colours' to ensure we only need one legend and forcing the axis to be the same so again we only need one.

              Total workaround I know.

              .qvw attached for info.

              Hope that helps in some way.

              Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd