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    Stacked chart - 3 different fields

    Gerhard Laubscher


      Can anyone help me to get the top chart to look like the bottom chart? I have Purchases, Payments (individuals, per account, so I have to sum them) and Company as 3 different fields.

        • Stacked chart - 3 different fields
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          Hi G.

          I think you should add "Company" as a second Dimension (Dimension tab)
          and then check Stacked as substyle (Style tab)


            • Stacked chart - 3 different fields
              Gerhard Laubscher

              Hi Dennis,


              No bueno - Purchases and Payments are 2 different fields, so I have them as expressions, Sum([value of purchases in the cycle]) and Sum[value of payments in the cycle]). I have no dimensions at the moment. If I add company as a dimension it does work, but it then splits the different companies, so it shoes me the total payments and purchases like in the first picture, but for each different product separately. If I then set the Subtype to 'stacked' it stacks the purchases and payments on top of each other, but still shows me a bar for each different company.

              I don't want the purchases and payments stacked, I just want the two bars (purch and payments), but each with different colors for the different companies.

              Does that make sense?