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    QS Desktop 3.2 enterprise authentication

    Peter van Oers

      I'm trying to setup desktop authentication with QS enterprise server. This is available sinse version 3.2


      I've setup a test enviroment with a active directory etc. alle with Windows server 2012 R2 and QS 3.2. I run into problem when authenticate with the AD user account. I'm receiving the message I don't have rights to open the hub.


      But I'm logged in with the same user on the QS server.


      Anyone got this working? And more important anyone a clue what I'm missing.




        • Re: QS Desktop 3.2 enterprise authentication
          Peter van Oers

          Afther consulting support and troubleshooting hours..... I found the problem. I was testing this new feature against my test enviroment with a official test license. Logical i would think. Not. 


          The desktop authentication doesn't work with a test license and this is as designed......


          Hope that this will clearer noted in the requirements so that anyone else spends hours to get this working.


          By the way, with my production enviroment it was working like a charm.