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    Fiscal Year/Graph question

    Mike Sawyer



      I have the following chart which shows unit openings by month:





      However, our fiscal year begins 1/31/17, so the data shown for Jan above (3 units) actually is January 2018.  I'm currently using the expression : =[Opening Date.autoCalendar.Month] as the dimension, and the expression Count(DISTINCT {<[PS Number] = {"=[Opening Date]> '1/31/2017' and [Opening Date]< '1/30/2018'"}>} [PS Number]) as the measure.


      I would like the above chart to start in February, then end in Jan (i.e. show January after Dec on the right) to properly show the sequence of months as it relates to our fiscal calendar.


      I've searched and read some posts related to defining Fiscal Year on this site, but those posts are confusing.


      Can someone please assist?  Thanks in advance!