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    Problem with date field

      Dear all,


      I am very new to qlikview and I have a problem with regards to a date field which contains information like:


      (F11, F12, 2015 P01, ... 2015 P12, 2016 P01, ... , 2016 P12, 2015 Q1, 2015 Q2) and the list goes on,

      What would be the best way to visualize this data if I want to create a bar chart with the dates running on the x axis. The Y axis would then represent the cash revenue.


      I would also like to have the data in the x axis segmented into quarters and months in the form of (p01-p12), and a total cash revenue summed up over the year 2015.


      Attached below is a sketch as to what I would like to be represented in my bar chart. Forgive the really ugly and primitive drawing.


      Thanks so much for your input and assistance, thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,

      Royce Tang

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          Sunny Talwar

          It might help us help you better if you can provide some real data and provide the expected output. Would you be able to provide a sample?

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              Cheers for the reply Sunny ! I am not sure how to link the files over but I can try to type it out here


              sales_type     Customer     Date               Cash

              b2b                   xy               2015P01            200

              b2b                   xy               2015P02            220

              b2b                   xyh             2015P02            300

              b2b                   xyah           2015P02            200

              b2c                   xyh             2015P03            206

              b2c                   xf               2015P04             900

              b2c                   xy              2015P05             206

              b2d                   xyr             2016P01             200

              b2a                   xyd            2016P02             200

              b2b                   xy            2016PPP03          400

              b2b                   xy            F1                         400

              b2b                   xy            F8                       1400


              my expected output is to have a bar graph with questionqlik.jpg