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    Publish App To Other Node Stream

      Hi there,


      The situation:


      Small question. Hypothetically, assume that I have a multi-node syncronized persistence setup containing one proxy (Server B), one engine (Server C) and one central node (Server D). From the Central node I added the other two nodes, which works great. They all see each other and the services are up and running.


      I also have a single-node shared persistence on server A.


      The question:


      Is it possible to publish an app from server A to the stream of the multi-node?





        • Re: Publish App To Other Node Stream
          Vincenzo Esposito

          I expect you have a 2 different licenses with 2 different banch od tokens, one for the first "Qlik Sense Site" (Server B, C, D configurad in sync pers.) and the other for the sencond "Qlik Sense Site" (Server A, in shared. pers.).

          If this is the case, the only way they have to share applications is exporting/importing task,

          You can do it manually or build up a batch (using API) to do that.