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    Creating variable to sum fields previously loaded


      in a my document I load an amount grouping by a certain dimension. I want to show this measure into a table box for some particular values of the dimension. I'd like to avoid to write more LOAD statement and I ask myself if it is possible to create a variable to set the sum of the measure conditioned to particular value for the dimension.

      Any suggests to me, please?

        • Creating variable to sum fields previously loaded
          Oleg Troyansky

          I'm not totally sure about your goal, but here are a few comments about your questions:

          - Variable can only hold a single value. So, if you need a single number, you can calculate and store it in a variable, but not if you need to store multiple values.

          - On the other hand, you can create conditional aggregation in a variety of ways (Set Analysis being the best for performance) and limit the aggregated values to specific values of some dimensions (if that's what you are trying to accomplish)

          - Table Box is not the best object to use, for a variety of reasons. It's highly recommended to use Straight Table instead. You will have more flexibility and less performance issues this way.