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    Excel connection via ODBC - duplicate records


      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to set up an Excel connection via ODBC to import new users to a QlikSense server.

      The server uses the default windows authentication, so I created local user accounts in windows, set up passwords etc..

      In the QMC I successfully created the UDC, the sync retrieves all the users I have added to the Excel file, all are displayed on the User Management tab.


      However, when a user connects to the hub for the first time, a new record is created for that user, with the same user ID that was previously created with Excel sync, and a different User directory. So I have two rows displayed for the same user, one from Excel sync, and the second from its connection to the hub



      I suppose we should have a single record for each user? Since licenses must be allocated afterwards.

      Did I miss something in the configuration? or is this the expected behavior?

      Thanks for your support.