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    Cell Phone validation check in QV

    Gerhard Laubscher


      I am using our Daily Account Extract in a new QV file I am building.

      One thing I've done is create a bookmark based on numerous selections - this is a selection of customers I am sending a marketing message to on a monthly basis.

      It works perfectly except for one thing I have to then do manually in excel after sending the selections to excel.

      My selections are based on about 10 different fields. Then I send it to excel and I there I check that the customers have valid cell phone numbers.

      In excel I do the following:

      • Cell Phone must be 15 or 16 characters.
      • Must start with +27(0) or +264(0).

      Is there any way I can do this in QV? Ideally I would like to create a new field called "Valid Number". Then, if it meets the above criteria it must be Yes, and if not it must be No. This way I can just thsi field as "Yes" to my bookmarked selection.

      Does this make sense?

      Also, before I text the customers, I change the international format to the format our SMS interface can understand. I do this by removing the +27(0) or the +264(0). So in a new excel colum I say =right(A1,9) - (I just need the right 9 characters of the number). then I replace the international numbers with these 9 numbers. Can I somehow do this in my script already?

      I know this is a two-part question; help in either or both would be great!