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    Partial Reload - Server Side

    Maurizio Rizzo

      I will try to explain as best as possible

      I need to provide a feature (by pushing a button) that allows you to make a partial load so that the administrator (and he only just) to add data to a table previously created by the standard load.

      My questions are:

      1) Is it possible to provide the above procedures from the server?  The administrator can access this feature through Acess Point Client or Desktop?

      2) The partial load works when the .qvw document has been deployed on the server?

      3) If  the questions  2) and 3) are affirmative, in the event of an error during partial load, what are the consequences?

      4) If  the questions  2) and 3) are affirmative, it is possible that these data are only visible to those who carried out this operation (administrator)?