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    Join/Merge/Concatenate two tables

    Aviad Bein

      Hi all,


      I've got two tables, "Parent Customer and "Child Customer", like this:


      Parent Customer:

      Customer A100
      Customer B50
      Customer C20
      Customer D10


      Child Customer:

      Customer ACustomer A10.2
      Customer ACustomer A20.3
      Customer ACustomer A30.5
      Customer BCustomer B10.9
      Customer BCustomer B20.1


      and I want to merge them like this:

      Customer A1100*0.2
      Customer A2100*0.3
      Customer A3100*0.5
      Customer B150*0.9
      Customer B250*0.1
      Customer C20
      Customer D10


      any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,