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    Pros and cons of an Entity-Attribute-Value model

    Wouter Trappers

      Dear all,


      What are the pros and cons of an entity-attribute-value model in Qlik Sense?


      I work on a datawarehouse with such a datamodel and need a lot of (nested) front end variables to perform the calculations.


      Pros in my opinion:

      - one datamodel can contain data from various different and functionally disjunct sources.

      - once set up, relatively easy to add another fact



      - too much business logic in the app

      - difficult to maintain or rapidly change

      - simple calculations (fi. if-clauses in the reloadscript) become complexer than they need to be



      Feedback welcome!

        • Re: Pros and cons of an Entity-Attribute-Value model
          Bill Markham

          My viewpoint is that if that the front end is excessively complex to set up and maintain then there is an issue with the data model.


          Given the con's you mention I'd conclude an issue with your data model.


          Your 2 pro's are also pro's of a well designed load script and Star Model.


          So my vote is for a de-normalised Star Model, which is also the most common and recommended data model for Qlik solutions.