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    Getcurrent selection field value in from clause of load editor

    Michal Durica

      My aim is on QLikSense Desktop frontend to get list of files in folder, then I need to select one and reload data.



      I am able to get the list of files in ceratin folder:

      For each File in FileList('lib://GRT/*')

      add load
        distinct FileName() As Test

      From [$(File)];


      Next File


      Then I want to select  one possibility from the list. I am able to store the value in the variable.


      Formula if(GetFieldSelections(Test) like '','*',GetFieldSelections(Test)). See Pic2 attachement.



      But When i want to use the value from variable in the load editor, always get just string representing formula or name of field.


      See Pic3,P4 attachement.


      Can you please help me?