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    How do you filter the data you want to charge in Qlik??


      I have the following in my initial script,

      LOAD Año,



      [Qtà stk. val.],

      [Valore stk. v.]


      [O:\Logistic\TEMAS STOCKS\INVENTARIOS\Informes mensuales\Informes Qlik\Informe Stocks 6A*.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Inventario mes]);

      My intention is to charge only the Data that stisfies an expression such as:

      [([Qtà stk. val.]!=0) & ([Valore stk. v.]!=0)]

      How should i change the script to make Qlikview load ONLY the Data that satisfy the expression??


      Thanks a lot for your time!!!!!!!