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    Does Cloud Business provide governance?

      when looking at http://www.qlik.com/us/-/media/files/product/qlik-sense/qlik-sense-cloud/qlik-sense-cloud-product-overview-guide-en.pdf?la=en) I see:

      Cloud Business allows to "Administer and govern groups"

      Cloud Sense Enterprise allows "Granular control, administration, governance"


      What are specifically the differences in terms of user profile management? What group administration options do we get with each option?


      In our project we would need to hide some data to some types of users, what option do we need, Business or Enterprise?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Olivier,


          Thanks for your questions, in short it looks like you would need Enterprise - if you wanted to control who creates what with what data, or if you wanted to use row level and column security to hide data based on user or role - these are functions of Qlik Sense Enterprise.


          BUT - You could however create apps with QSCB that uses data only allowed by those users and publish them to a stream that only those you define can see - therefore "hiding" the data is somewhat defined. It really depends on what you mean by "hiding". When you create apps with Qlik Sense - the data is loaded into the app first - so you could control that process during creation by the developer - and then publish the app to a controlled stream.


          QSCB (Qlik Sense Cloud Business)


          You can see the extent of the administration here in this video: Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Orientation


          Basically you can invite members, control if they create content, and control what content is seen in the available streams (3). There isn't any control on data sources etc.


          QSE (Qlik Sense Enterprise) - provides a management console with many controls and functions including a security rules editor - here is an example of controlling a data source:



          Form this index: New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos


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