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    Build an optimal manual data integration now - switch to automatic later

    Haris Music

      Hello Qlik community!


      I have been reading around regarding the integration options for Qlik Sense Cloud Business, and that it is on the way, but with no exact date.


      My situation is that I need to build a BI-system for one our clients as 1. practice with a real-world case 2. for them to actually use and get at an affordable price.


      The only other requirements I have are:


      1. Cloud-based

      2. Automatic data-update

      3. Easy-to-use, which click definitely is



      My actual question is:


      Would it make sense to start building the platform, starting with a manual data update and then switching to the REST connector (or some database connector - I don't know what options there'll be)?


      Or is it better to find another system/wait before I do anything?



      I am very new in the field and "only" have a good understanding of the dimensions/measures/business side of things. I do have very technical people on my team to aid me though.



      Best regards,