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    show popup for “NP Task Button”.



      I hope you can help me or have any idea for workaround.


      We have implemented nprinting server and qlikview server.

      We have built a Qlikview-Dashboard with Nprinting Task buttons for create special Excel or PDF Reports via nprinting server.

      Everything is working fine, but we are looking for help for our users.


      When they click on the nrprinting button, they can’t see, that anything happens.

      It takes a little time for creation and sometimes the users are not sure, if there is something happen or not. Than they will click several times on the button and the process will run several times.


      It would be very helpful, if we can implement a popup, when they will click on the “NP Task Button”.


      I know how it works for implementing a popup for a normal button, but not for this “NP Task Button”.


      Does anybody have an idea?


      Thanks,for any help in advance


      Best regards