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    How to use different map backgrounds?


      How can I change the background of the map from the default OpenStreetMap? What other options are available please? Thanks

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Callum,


          Thanks for your question.


          On the main map layer in the properties - there is a Base Map setting - you can change it there.



          You will also note there is a link that brings you directly to the online doc.


          The Geodata Layer will allow you to use another tile server: (TMS, WMS, GeoJSON)



          GeodataLayer - visualizes background map data, either from a tile service or from a file, such as GeoJSON. The URL is an expression that is evaluated at each selection and data is reloaded when the URL changes. This way it can connect to external data services with dynamic data.


          I am attempting to get a working example for you as well.


          Let me know how you do


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