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    Stack bars behind each other

    Gerhard Laubscher


      Can anyone help me to get the following chart to display the bars BEHIND each other and not on top. I would like it to display as in the selected "Look" thumbnail (the bottom picture on the Styles Tab.



        • Stack bars behind each other
          Oleg Troyansky

          Let me guess (practicing telepathic connection :-) - you have a single Dimension and 2 Expressions, and you wanted your 2 Expressions to get arranged behind each other...

          Well, it looks like you can only position multiple Dimensions like this, but not multiple expressions.

          If I guessed correctly, what you can do as a work around is - create a synthetic dimension using function ValueList(), and then combined your two expressions into a single expression that's conditioned on the value of the ValueList():

          IF (ValueList('M', 'F') = 'M', Expr1, Expr2)

          This way, you convert your two expressions into an extra Dimension

            • Stack bars behind each other
              Deepak Vadithala

              Oleg - Thanks so much for this one. Your telepathic connection is successfull! I need exactly the same solution.

              But I can't seem to get around the syntax.

              Below is the information :

              Dimension Name : TransactionName which contains 2 values (Store Purchaser & Market Purchaser)

              2 Expressions : Sum (Amount] and Count (Amount)


              I am using the below expressions referring to your previous post...

              =IF (ValueList('Store Purchaser', ' Market Purchaser') = 'Store Purchaser', Sum (Amount), Count (Amount))

              But I can't seem to get this working.

              Your help will be greatly appreciated!

              Thanks in anticipation.