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    Variable in set analysis TOTAL

    Ramanan Nadarajan



      I have a requirement to have dimension toggle or alternate dimension in Pivot table of QlikSense. So I loaded the possible dimension values in a inline load and use it as a field to dynamically toggle dimension:


      So this is how my calculated Dimension looks like:





      Problem with this is, in my set analysis I am TOTAL'ing the values based on the dimension as such :


      num((Sum(BASE_MSISDN)/Sum(total <Dimension> BASE_MSISDN)),'#,##0.00%')

      *To get the share


      With this dynamic dimension toggle, it fails as there isn't a single dimension I can specify in the red area above. Tried using a variable that captures the values in the inline field "Dimension" but this fails as well. Any suggestion on how to tackle this?


      Hope the above is clear and seeking all the guru's of Qlik to help me out here