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    About automatic send to Excel


      I have implemented a pivot chart with data expandable or squeezable. But when I use the send to Excel as a feature of the chart, into Excel I can see the "photo" of my data: in Excel I cannot to expand or compress the dimensions.

      Any suggests for me, please? Thanks

        • About automatic send to Excel
          Gaurav Khare

          Hi there,

          Please can you be more precise on what exactly the problem you are facing....you can see 'photo' of your data????????.

          Please dear state a bit more clearly..I' am saying all this because it never happened with me.The moment I click on the send to excel icon, qlikview starts exporting the data.

          Ok tell me about the volume of your data and if possible kindly mail a screen shot of the same.

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              I have a pivot chart with some dimensions and one measure. My data are organized with a parent-child hierarchy. In the pivot chart I can expand or compress my data with the + (plus) symbol. When in the chart all my data are compressed, I see a general total: if I click to send to export to Excel, in the sheet I can see this general total but I cannot to navigate into my data by expanding them.

              Now, is it more clear the question? Many thanks.

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                  Erich Shiino

                  the 'Export to Excel' will only send numbers and texts (similar to copy as value).

                  This will not recreate a pivot table automatically. So, you will not get a dynamic excel pivot table with formula (total, sum, etc) or the ability to expand/collapse the dimensions.


                  - Export the QlikView object to Excel

                  - Write a macro to export a table and recreate the object there.




              • About automatic send to Excel
                Nathan Furbank

                QlikView doesn't export a pivot table into Excel. It just sends the current cell data to Excel.

                If you want to send all data to Excel you need to right-click on the chart beforehand and click Expand All. then export to Excel.

                You will not be able to expand/collapse in Excel unless you create another pivot table in Excel.