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    Bar Chart Design

    Chandni Bhowmick



      I have 6 expressions for the aging buckets and a field having the dates. How do I make the expressions show in the x-axis grouped by the date field (similar to the second chart below)?


      My Expressions:


      1. 0-30 days val USD:  sum(distinct([0-030DaysValue]))/1000000

      2. 30-60 days val USD:  Sum(distinct([030-060DaysValue]))/1000000

      3. 60-90 days val USD:  Sum(distinct([060-090DaysValue]))/1000000

      4. 90-120 days val USD:  Sum(distinct([090-120DaysValue]))/1000000

      5. 120 days val onw. USD:  Sum(distinct([120DaysOnwardsVal]))/1000000

      6.  Total Val USD :  Sum(distinct([Total Value USD]))/1000000


      Dimension: Date field


      This is what I have right now. How do I flip the expression and dimension so that the chart looks like the second chart below?