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    Sense - Conditional Formatting (Color) of a Filter Title?

    Jack Hertel

      I want to conditionally color the Title of a filter in a filter pane. 


      I am currently using an If statement to change the title depending on whether any items have been selected of that field.


      If(GetSelectedCount([Field]), 'BU(s): ' & GetFieldSelections ([Field], ';' , 2 ), 'Select Field(s)')


      If anything is select the title changes from 'Select Field(s)' to the 1 or 2 items select or the x of xx message.  I want the Select Field(s) text to show in red to draw attention to a mandatory selection.  I do not see a color dialog in the appearance section of the Object Properties.


      I can not find a way to embed color formatting in the expression itself.


      Does anyone have ideas or know it this is not something that can be done.


      Thank you,



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      New to Qlik Sense