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    Create Table Loop Question

    Eric Flottmann

      This seems like it should be simple but its not acting as expected.  I am trying to loop through what is essentially a generic table looking for certain name/value pairs.  I would like to create a table for each name in my list with the value and identifier from the source data. I am aware of the Generic Load but want to performance test this strategy against it.  Here is my code:


      //This is my list of names from the source table.


      LOAD * INLINE [












      // date is simply to keep the table lean

      LET vStartDate = DATE('2017-02-01', 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss');



      FOR EACH vDataName IN FieldValueList('DataNames')


        LOAD LeadId, Value

          FROM [$(vFilePath)LeadSharedData.qvd] (qvd)

          WHERE Name = '$(vDataName)'

          AND Category = 'F'

              AND DateEntered > '$(vStartDate)';

      NEXT vDataName



      DROP TABLE UniqueAffiliateDataNames;


      When I run this script in the debugger I see the names populate in the Table name and in the Where clause as expected.  However, when the job finishes, I only seem to get one table (with the first value from the list).


      I feel like I am missing something simple here.