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    How to filter data in Data Manager?

    Mark Ritter

      I basically want a where clause in the the generated script.  I don't see any place to be able to create that in the Data Manager.


      I can unlock the auto generated script and put it in there.  But once I unlock it and can't lock it back and then work in the Data Manager.


      Am I missing something or is this not possible to do?

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          Sarah Kelly

          I have this same exact question, I have 15 years worth of medical appointment data for a very large practice which equates to millions of records, I need to pre-filter these down to the arrived appointments for just the prior day...not all appointments (arrived, canceled, no show, bumped) for the last 15 years!


          Unfortunately though, it looks like we are not able to pre filter using Data Manager...I found this other similar question and the answer appears to be no...it must be done through DLE.  I am hoping someone else chimes in and can say otherwise? 


          Limit data when loading in Data Manager