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    Publish a report for each client in NewsStand

    Marcos Herrera

      Hi Dear Qlik Community



      I have a need and it is the following, I have created a report in Word, this report must be published in the NewsStand one for each customer and when the salesman enters to NewsStant see the amount of reports corresponding to their sellers (ie if the SalesMan has 5 customers see fuve reports one for each customer) .When doing this what happens is that the NewsStand generates a single report and when entering the seller this report is the sum of theirs customers.

      How can I solve this requirement?

      Note: Doing it for file distribution to folder or email works but the requirement is to see it in the NewsStand Portal


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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          This is because NPrnting 17.XX is lacking Cycle functionality which was available in version 16.XX


          I know it can be done by generating "fake recpients" - meaning each customer would be your recipient with recipient = client filter and SalesMan would be on CC for each of them.


          So in general you would create separate reports for each of the clients (1 client = 1 filter = 1 report), and all separate generated reports would be then also sent as CC to SalesMan.

          There is one thing i am not sure of: This is going to work with e-mail, but i am not sure whether it would wok in NewsStand.


          djk Daniel - what is your suggestion on this - This is also very important question for me as i am facing this issue more often recently?




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              Daniel Jenkins

              Hi Łech,


              Here are my thoughts - since you asked for my suggestion .


              In my opinion, NewsStand currently works exactly as it is designed to. That is, it displays reports for the user logged in (to NewsStand). If the user has User level filters they are applied before distribution. So, in the OP's example, if SalesMan has 5 customers I assume that an appropriate User level filter exists for SalesMan. That filter is applied and a single report is available (filtered for all 5 customers) when SalesMan logs into NewsStand. As you noted, if those customers want to get separate individual reports, they should also exist in NPrinting as Users with the appropriate User level filter.


              To simplify, let's say you have a Field in your connection called Customer. Now in NPrinting you have users and their filters like this:


              UserUser level Filter


              I don't think it is reasonable to expect User SalesMan to log into NewsStand and expect to see reports meant for other users (like users User1, User2, and so on). SalesMan should only see reports meant for SalesMan (single report based on SalesMan's User level filter). Remember that Users can also log into NewsStand and subscribe to existing reports which NPrinting will filter based on any User level filter before delivery to NewsStand. I'm sure no one would expect every report subscribed to by User1 to be also available for Salesman  in NewsStand.


              In the case of your e-mail example - SalesMan would be a copy holder not the main recipient. In the case of distribution to folders, if each user was the only one allowed to see files in his/her own folder, again, SalesMan would not be able to see other Users' reports.


              As I said, this is my opinion and of course yours may differ!






              EDIT: I fully agree that Cycle functionality would solve the original issue.

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz

                  Hi Daniel,


                  I agree with you that News Stand works as designed. My suggestion was only workaround and it was just a hint how i would try to tackle it. Not necessarly correct approach


                  Lets get back to your example and analyze.

                  So the thing we are trying to achieve here is whether  SalesMan can have in his NewStand 5 separate reports generated

                  • 1 for Customer Andrew,
                  • 1 for Customer Bob,
                  • 1 for Customer Clive,
                  • 1 for Customer Dave and
                  • 1 for Customer Ernest

                  Given that you want to build 1 report in NPrinting and use the same template for all of them how we can produce 5 separate files. Now Nprinting 17.XX will produce one consolidated report for all 5 customers.

                  In NPrinting 16. you would apply filter on Customer  Customer={Andrew,Bob,Clive,Dave,Ernest} and use cycle through Customer field to produce separate report for each of the possible value in Cutomer field.


                  The real question is How we can achiewe this in NPrinting 17 and reports distribution to News Stand and whether this is posible at all in NPrinting 17?




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                  Marcos Herrera

                  Hi Dear


                  Thanks for yout answer i tested this option before to post and not works, The NewsStand noy split the reports, only publish one and depends of the user filters show the information, in my case one SalesMan could be many customer if he use this credentials the report will be the Sum of all customers.


                  The other solucion is creat one user for each customer but this option is not good for the SalesMan because, the Salesman can be has many customers and the password for all customer will be the same and all Sales Man could be open all Customer information.



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                  Marcos Herrera

                  Hi Dear


                  Thanks for your help, the solution porpoused, i tried before i create on Excel template one user for each customer and the salesman must enter the user (Customer X) and password (Customer X), but this option has two problems


                  1) The Salesman can be many customers

                  2) The password will be standard for all customers and one salesman colud see the information of any customer, because he knows the user (customer@companyname.com) and generic password


                  I understand the reasons for the operation of the NewsStand and I thank you once more for the help and try to convince the Qlik NP Customer that while new releases will touch that way or with the option of distribution to folder and that the sellers access a corresponding folder