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    If and or statements for Gauge charts

      Hi Guys,

      I hope someone can help.

      I have loaded a spreadsheet of staff hours over the past 2 years into Qlikview and some reports of activities that take place.

      I have built a gauge chart that basically, mulitplies the number of activities by their cycle times then divides by 5 hours( being a working day ) to determine how many staff we required to complete the activities of the day.

      Now I wish to compare how many we actually had. I know how many staff were here from the spreadsheet , but as the number of activies is split by type, I need to do the same with the hours.

      I am happy to apply a simple law, that each person spends 70 % , 20 % 10% on activity A B C , is there a condition that I can apply that would be


      If Activity A is selected divide answer by 70 is B divide by 20 and so on and forth ,


      Also depending on what department the breakdown would change from 50% 30% 20%

      So if Department 1 and activity A divide by 70, if department 2 and acyivity A divide by 50 and so and forth ...


      Or do I need to build some sort of map to do it better ?


      Thanks so much