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    Multiple criteria for set analysis syntax for traffic light

      Good afternoon all,


      Could someone please advise how I can have multiple criteria in one command which is for a traffic light system (Zero = Red, 1 = Green) so the following should display red/green depending if the hours have increased/decreased. I can make it work if there is only 1 criteria for Leavename but I need to add in two more (underlined)


      IF(SUM({<Leavename={'Statutory Sick Pay'},Leavename={'Company Sick Pay',Leavename = {'TUPE Sick Pay'},Week_Class ={'Current Week'}>}holidayhours)

      -(SUM({<Leavename={'Statutory Sick Pay'} ,Leavename={'Company Sick Pay'},Leavename = {'TUPE Sick Pay'},Week_Class ={'Week-1'}>}holidayhours))>0,0,1)


      So total holiday hours where week class = current week AND (Leavename = Statutory Sick Pay OR Leavename = Company Sick Pay OR Leavename = TUPE Sick Pay). I have tried adjusting syntax and Googling to no avail.

      Much appreciated,