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    SAP Connector: 1 for Production Server, 1 for Dev Server

    Atsushi Saijo

      Hi Experts, we have started using SAP Connector for Layer0 applications (extracting source data from SAP); however; it is currently only possible that Production Server Admin and limited senior developers can actually test the SQL SELECT queries. using RFC connection. Normal developers have no acccess to production environment. In this case, the prod-admins and senior developers always need correcting/modifying any error messages on queries during development and each release phases. .


      Particularly when we want using BAPI, those developers has no possibility to use it.


      Is there any option where Development Server can be equipped with SAP Connector within the same SAP Connector license? Or would we need to purchase 2 SAP conenctors?


      I should appreciate for your feedback in advance.