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    SQL error: SAP HANA and QlikView ODBC

    Thomas Fabian

      Hi experts


      The connection to our HANA DB via ODBC works fine.


      When selecting tables and try to load the data we get errors like this one:


      SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 258, ErrorMsg: [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB32 DLL][HDBODBC32] General error;258 insufficient privilege: Not authorized SQL SELECT CALMONTH, CALQUARTER, CALWEEK FROM "_SYS_BI"."M_TIME_DIMENSION"


      The restricted user on HANA DB side has the following authorizations:


      System Privileges: CATALOG READ

      Object Privileges: _SYS_BIC

      Analytic Privileges: SYS_BI_CP_ALL


      I think it has nothing to do with authorizations.

      On the other side we can load data stored by Lumira application on HANA DB:

      SQL SELECT *



      Any ideas how to fix the error issue?