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    Set analysis displayed only for spec. values

    Martina Kurimska

      Hello all,


      can you help me to set correct expression please? I have cross table in Qview. What I want to achieve is to have this specific column/expression to be counted/appear only for Most recent week.

      Most recent week in script is done, each value with "most recent week" is marked as [LatestDate]


      Here the formula now w/o this exception content - means I wish to add here the conditional counting/display of results:


      = count({$<[OE_Ageing Groupping]={'Aged 21+ WDs'}>}[SO_Item])


      I wish to have


      = count({$<[OE_Ageing Groupping]={'Aged 21+ WDs'}   where EXTRACT_TS = [LatestDate]    >}[SO_Item])



      Thank you in advance