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    Adam Brian



      I beginner in Qlik Sense, can you help me


      2017-02-20 06_08_04-soalan.xlsx - Excel.png


      I want to calculate and show in pie chart, if i select any UNIT and need to compare same UNIT=OLD_UNIT.

      For example i select unit1 in department A:

      1) show GROUP count by STAFF_ID where if i select an@y unit getfieldselections(UNIT) and if UNIT=OLD_UNIT

      2) show DEPARTMENT count by STAFF_ID where count all STAFF_ID except unit1 in department A.

      getNotfieldselections(UNIT) and if UNIT=OLD_UNIT

      And what should i put in Dimensions and Measure field?

      mto swr swuehl stalwar1 gwassenaar jagan