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    Backup QVF apps without data

    Shane Gibson

      When you backup the QlikSense apps, you are of course backing up both the metadata and visualiastions within the app, as well as the data.


      If your apps are large and you are rotating your backups, this results in a fair bit of disk space being used by the backups.


      If you follow a devops approach to deploying your Qlik Sense apps then a copy of the app without data is always in a source controlled repository, for apps that are promoted via a governed process.


      If you follow a layered data architecture approach the data is always available in a central data repository and can be reloaded, again for these governed apps.


      The exception of course is user driven apps, where the data and the apps are not so easily recreated.


      Two questions:


      1) Is there a way  to programmatically backup an app without its data?


      2) Does anybody know of some sample code that allows you to backup apps from a certain stream or based on certain tags?