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    Sales - Store to store comparison

    Mohammad Adnan Ansari

      I am working with Retail Sales. I have developed a dashboard where I show Sales, Gross Profit, YTD Sales, Last Year YTD Sales for each store.


      I have a requirement where the management requires an apple to apple comparison. What I mean is I would like to compare YTD sales of each store vs Last Year's YTD Sales.


      The standad dashboard shows whatever sales data is available inside. For example if a store is closed mid of last year; Its listed in the dashboard. Show 0 for YTD Sales but shows some Sales figures for Last Year YTD. This is not apples vs apples comparison.


      By comparing apples to apples means we need to show only those stores which are operational now. We dont need to show those stores closed last year with zero sales, but some figures for YTD Last Year. So for example for all stores the YTD Last Year sales is 1 Million but when we remove those stores closed last year, the figure for YTD Last Year will be less than 1 M. So this is now the realistic picture.


      Let me know how we can do that.