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    ApplyMap bug -  apps hanging on 12.1 SR2 / SR3

    John Repucci

      Update: Qlik confirmed the bug - will be fixed in v12.20 and released at the end of 2017.


      edit: changed title to include: "ApplyMap bug - " and added "/SR3"


      I just stood up a new server (w2012, QV12.1 SR2) and moved my apps from my w2008 QV11.2 SR9 server.

      Three apps run just fine on the new server, but one hangs all the time.  The QV Mgmt status shows it as running, but it should only take a few minutes and I've let it run as long as 40 minutes before I kill it.


      The TaskLog.txt does not show anything useful (Slow down logging. Log every <300> seconds).

      When I run the app manually, it hangs as shown below.


      And when I abort the app, the QV development app itself hangs and I have to kill it as well.


      Any thoughts?



      output from Script Execution Progress

      ================ Start of GenTransaction transform ===================

      GenTransaction_Transform1 << GenTransactionC_Extract 25,780 Lines fetched

      GenTransaction_Transform1 << GenTransactionA_Extract 322,935 Lines fetched

      GenTransaction_Transform1 << GenTransactionB_Extract 371,716 Lines fetched

      GenTransaction_Transform1 << CurrentBudget_Transform 422,428 Lines fetched

      ------------ Store GenTrans1 -----------

      --------- Drop GenTrans1 -----------


      Code snippet:

      FROM $(vExpTransformPath)\CurrentBudget_Transform.qvd (qvd);


      STORE GenTransaction_Transform1 into $(vExpTransformPath)\GenTransaction_Transform1.qvd (qvd);

      Trace ------------ Store GenTrans1 -----------;

      DROP Table GenTransaction_Transform1;

      Trace --------- Drop GenTrans1 -----------;

      >>>> hangs here >>>>>>



      Load      // preceding load






      FROM $(vExpTransformPath)\GenTransaction_Transform1.qvd (qvd);


      Trace --------- Just after load GenTrans2 from GenTrans1 -----------;

        • Re: apps hanging on 12.1 SR2
          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi John,

          The default timeout value for tasks is 1440 seconds, so if you are certain that the reload should run in a few minutes, I would change the timeout value accordingly so the task will end without your intervention. Then you may consult the task log for more clues as to why.


          Hope this helps


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              John Repucci

              The app in question takes about 2-3 minutes on my current production servers.  On the new server it ended after 6 hours due to timeouts. The log did not show anything useful other than "timeout".

              20170219T053113.283-0600 Information Reloading..........
              20170219T054613.735-0600 Information Slow down logging. Log every <1200> seconds.
              20170219T054613.735-0600 Information Reloading
              20170219T060219.199-0600 Information DistributeTask[c2e8bd3d-caa4-4f2f-adac-cdd89c44ce5b] ("Expenses and Projects/Insight-Expenses-Transform.qvw"): TryAbort. Triggered by 'RunTimeTrigger'. Id:0000000a-000a-000a-0a0a-161616161616. ExecID:2be86c92-4487-4906-816c-25a21d8e682c
              20170219T060229.223-0600 Warning The QlikView Engine is Reloading, it will be killed (Please ignore logged warnings/errors about the kill).
              20170219T060229.242-0600 Information Killing the QlikView Engine. ProcessID=3508
              20170219T060229.246-0600 Information Reload was aborted.
            • Re: ApplyMap bug -  apps hanging on 12.1 SR2 / SR3
              John Repucci

              Qlik said the bug is fixed and will be released at the end of the year in v12.20.

              So, good news - fixed,

              bad news - not available any time soon.


              I had to reprogram around all of my instances of this bug.  I'm not able to wait nine months.